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Yes, this is a blog about HVAC. Really.

We all want to be comfortable, but do we really know what that means or do we simply get used to the way things are and put up with it? It feels that way when it comes to home heating and cooling. Today’s heating and cooling (more broadly referred to as HVAC) is about taking control of our own comfort. Comfort is one of those things that can be underrated when it comes to the environment and your home. But let’s face facts. As a homeowner, do you really want to think about HVAC? Most everyday experiences regarding HVAC mean trouble, followed by financial worries and discomfort. You know, fun stuff. Maybe next we can tackle painful dentistry procedures.

Home heating and central air aren’t sexy topics. And if you’ve ventured into the literature around HVAC, you probably found that it can be boring and overwhelming. Reading just a few articles may cause your head to spin with terms like “Scroll compressor gizmo-a-thingy ” and “Dry-charged unit thingamajig” and blah, blah, blah…

We’re here to change that. We will to use everyday language and simplify things as much as possible. And we’ll discuss things besides boilers, air filters, and the big expensive mechanical things in your cellar or closet. We are here to help you live a better life at home.

Is your house dusty? Do you lose sleep worrying about carbon monoxide poisoning? Is that nice comfortable temperature in the guest room the same nice comfortable temperature in the kid’s room? Do you wonder every month how you can lower your bills? Or, have you ever left on vacation wondering if you remembered to set the temperature back home? You probably could relate to at least a couple of those questions, and why wouldn’t you? They are about your comfort and safety at home. You know, the place where you spend more time than anywhere else. That place.

We’ve asked those questions, and many more oursleves, gotten answers from our experts and we want to pass them on to you. You may not find HVAC interesting, but we do and we’ll try to share what we’ve learned with you so that your home comfort will improve. We’re confident that the information on this site will be of value to you as it has been to us.

You may have noticed the “Sponsored by Allied Air” at the top of the site. This partnership has allowed us to gather industry experts, home comfort gurus and top notch technicians who are here to help -- On this site, our Facebook page, and on Twitter. Feel free to ask us a question or tell us what you think in the comment section below.


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