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Don’t let the lull in temperature lull you to sleep.

As the temperatures begin to fall it’s getting close to that time of year when many of us get a break on utility bills for a short stint. The thermostat is turned off and we enjoy the type of weather those lucky enough to live in places like San Diego enjoy year-round. Not too hot, not too cold, just right and no need for HVAC.

This lull in temperatures can lull us to sleep. Many of us will see the first cold snap within 45 to 60 days -Noooo! Is your system ready? It’s best to get that answer before the first cold front stresses the furnace and things break at the exact wrong time.

Clean the Unit: Ideally, you should be cleaning your system when the seasons change. This is particularly relevant when entering summer or winter, as the system will most likely have accumulated dust and debris in it. To avoid causing long-term damage to your system, we recommend calling in a professional to make sure it’s done properly.

Change Filters: If you haven’t read our blog post about air filters, you might want to do that now. Filters should be changed every six months, or more frequently depending on the filter rating (click here to learn more about filter ratings), use, and environment. Changing filters can save you money, headaches and help your system to run at optimal efficiency.

Electrical: It’s important to mention that we do not recommend that you handle the electrical parts of your system, although a visual check can be helpful. Eye-balling the system can give you an idea as to whether or not anything seems like it might need repair. Look for loose, used, or disconnected wires. If you see something suspicious, get in touch with a professional to have these looked at by trained eyes and avoid problems later.

Check the Pilot Light: Checking under the hood is always a good idea. In addition, seeing that little glow and knowing that you’re ready to go is always a comforting feeling. If you’re pilot light has gone out, call a professional as this can be a bit of a tricky endeavor for someone not familiar with this process.

Carbon Monoxide Detector: While your furnace is shut off for the season, it is a smart idea to install a carbon monoxide detector to be ready to monitor the air when the furnace is running. This is a great safety precaution to have in place in case anything goes wrong with your indoor air quality in the winter. This can also detect air problems that may be caused by problems with your furnace.

Clearly we would rather be relaxing and enjoying the mild weather, but these small steps can save you significant time and money later. Maintaining your furnace now will ensure that you enjoy a warm and safe house in the dead of winter. If this is more than you’d like to embark on right now and it seems overwhelming, check out our directory of recommended professionals in your area.


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