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Sweater Weather is the Best Time for HVAC Checkups

September. The days become shorter, the air gets crisper, and the leaves start to wither. The two things on everybody’s mind come autumn: kaleidoscopic panoramas of Fall foliage and the furnace in the cellar which has sat dormant for months now. (Well, at least everyone in the HVAC biz thinks of those two scenarios.) Aside from the leaves that will eventually require raking, you should also schedule an annual HVAC inspection by a licensed professional.

Autumn is an opportune time to get your furnace checked out; the weather is pretty mild and pros tend to see a lull in the amount of service calls made around this period. So, when the first frosty night arrives right around the corner, you’ll sleep easy - and warm - knowing that your furnace is running without a hitch.

A typical home may have gone six months or more since the furnace was last powered-up. It’s likely that within that time span, dust and debris settled, mold may have appeared, or even Father Time has caused cracks and leaks to form. In any case, a soup-to-nuts maintenance inspection will catch and quarantine little problems before they become big problems. At this juncture, you’re afforded some time to take preventative measures, make necessary repairs, or even replace and install a new unit should that situation arise.

The cost of maintaining an HVAC unit in the present will save lots of money in the future. Homeowners can ensure that their system is operating at peak efficiency, which will require less energy to power the unit. That translates into cash savings every month when the electric bill comes.

The average annual inspection covers the system in its entirety. A pro will analyze the compressor, coils, ductwork, etc. They’ll check to make sure the blower wheel is up to snuff, moving parts are lubricated, and thermostats are calibrated. Even carbon monoxide levels get screened to certify no health hazards are lurking.

For a licensed and certified HVAC professional in your area, click here. In a little time, and for a nominal fee, you can confirm your furnace will be running at optimum capacity in time for the frigid temps and frost that await.


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